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Shop Opening

on Thu, 08/18/2011 - 14:17

San Diego Divers is Open! 

It took us some time to move all the equipment, complete installations, order all the new gear, and the list goes on.... but we are operating now.   A Very Big Thank You goes out to a lot of people who supported us along the way. 

The training calendar is starting to populate where interested divers and divers to be can find different levels of training becoming available.  We can offer every level from Basic Open Water to Instructor Trainer, Nitrox to Trimix and Closed Circuit Rebreather for Technical training and we are Wreck Diving Specialist ! 

Our Senior Technician Malcolm, has the reputation of Best in the County.  Divers actually have brought Malcolm their gear from as far as Phoenix, AZ ! 

We are also licensed by DOT and offer "on-site" Hydro re-testing of your scuba cylinders.  We currently offer a two day turnover so that you can get back in the water faster!  You do not have to wait two weeks for hydros.

Look for San Diego Divers on Facebook as well.  Stop by the shop and sign up to be a preferred customer ! for special promotions. 

First special... is a Quantum Stretch wetsuit Sale.

Come see us! 



Socaldivers's picture

The first six months have now passed since we opened the door.  First is a very big Thank You to San Diego (and beyond) divers for the incredible support.  San Diego Divers is off to a great start. 

In this time, we opened the doors for business, welcomed some dedicated customers and friends to the new location for us and gained New customers and friends.   We continue to increase the stock availble to you the diver, and more importantly, the support you need for your diving needs. 

Our first compressor as some of you know, managed to have the main shaft break and that allowed us to actually upgrade to a larger more powerful machine.  We also increased the size of the banked gas so that your wait for a fill is even shorter now. 

Training continues with emphasis on advanced and technical courses.  Basic classes are picking up for us as well.

New equipment noteworthy is the addition of Sola ligthing (versatile for dive, photo, or video) and the new Aqua Lock wetsuit by Henderson, a very comfortable suit.  And our DUI Dry Suit experience has been fantastic with support of the DOG days on Catalina Island this year and of course, introducing divers to the comfort of diving both dry and Warm! 

What to expect for the next six months as 2012 begins, more classes so we can share our passion for SCUBA, diving trips for both local and distant diving, and new items in the shop for your diving support.  

Come by and check us out.  As to see how a tank hydro test is accomplished, we do this in house and are happy to show you the process.  Again, we do enjoy sharing our passion for all aspects of the sport. 

Safe DIving!


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