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Frequently asked questions


What am I going to see while underwater?

The underwater realm is truly an amazing place that is explored by a surprising very few of the world’s population.  You will encounter an incredible amount of both interesting and beautiful creature, vegetation & corals.  Different locations offer differing scenery.  You may encounter just amazing colors of both hard and soft corals, or you could find yourself diving with the world’s largest, yet most gentle, creatures such as whale sharks, blue whales, … actually the list is simply too long to list.  Check out our photo gallery !



Can I get discounts for purchases?

   Yes, we offer a student discount for 30 days after your certification.  We also offer Military discounts and other incentives for purchases.  This will be discussed the first night of class or you can just ask us about the programs when you confirm your class.  You could even get some or all of your tuition refunded!


Have more questions?

Just call, email, or come by and ask away.  We want the opportunity to answer all your questions and to have you feel comfortable in your training.  Allow us to share our passion for SCUBA diving with you !