Air Fills

  • $6.00/fill
  • $45 - 10 fill air card
  • $217.50 - 50 fill air card ($4.35/fill)
  • $7 SCBA or Paintball tank air fill  

Nitrox (up to 40%)

  • $.15 /cu. ft.
  • $120  nitrox 1000 cu. ft. card (equivalent to $.12 /cu. ft. with card) 
  • The amount of nitrox in the tank is taken into consideration for fills, so if it is at least half-full you will get credit for it

* Trimix and Argon fills also available !

Tank hydro

  • $25 for AL and low-pressure tanks
  • $33 for HP tanks

* We are a DOT RIN (I023) facility with all hydro services completed onsite.

Regulator Repair Prices

Cost of service is make and model dependent.  Labor cost for a full overhaul of a regulator set consisting of one First Stage, one Second Stage, One Octopus, and a Submersible Pressure Gauge swivel is in the range of $70.00 to $125.00. 

Service parts kits range in cost from $6.50 to 58.00 per stage (average cost about $50 for a regulator set).

A full regulator overhaul includes:


  • Disassembly of all parts that the manufacturer permits
  • Cleaning
  • Inspection of all parts to be re-used to insure suitability for continued use
  • Replacement of parts not suitable for continued use (see note below)
  • Replacement  of all the parts included in the manufacturer’s service kit
  • Replacement of all o-rings
  • Re-assembly
  • Adjustment to manufacturer’s specifications
  • Testing of all other functions

Note: Replacement parts not under warranty are at additional cost.  If replacement parts are no longer available from the manufacturer, the Owner will be informed that the regulator is no longer serviceable and replacement options will be suggested.

Rush Fee for expedited service    $25.00

Labor charge for an inspection and function test only is $20.00

Drysuit Repair (labor)

  • Neck Seal      $65.00 (+ cost of seal)             
  • Wrist Seal      $65.00 (+cost of seals)
  • Leak Test       $50.00