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Trimix Diver

The NAUI Trimix Diver program provides the Technical Diver with the skill and knowledge needed to minimize the risks of utilizing helium based breathing gases for dives to a maximum depth of 200 ft(Trimix) and beyond (Extreme Exposure Diver) requiring staged decompression and utilizing EANx mixtures and / or oxygen during decompression.

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This course consists of:

  • 20 classroom hours of in-depth study of advanced diving sciences, helium-based gas mixtures and planning.
  • Advanced equipment technology and gear configurations.
  • High emphasis on advanced diving skills and techniques.
  • Lifesaving, rescue, and contingency procedures are emphasized.
  • Gas Blending methods and analysis.

* Boat Fees not included

Gear Configuration: Hogarthian or DIR / NTEC with use of backplate inflation and long primary hose (covered in class).


  • Minimum age of 18
  • Certification as Technical Diver & Helitrox
  • 100 logged dives, 20 with decompression
  • Dan Master Insurance

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