Blade Fin

Blade Fin


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Blade Fin, Large, Blue


Atomic Aquatics gives you choices to meet your dive needs and personal swimming style. BladeFins are designed to deliver...


  •     Power and thrust that only a paddle fin design can provide divers to cruise through the water.
  •     Unique structural engineering combines both Power-Loop Monocoque and Frame Rail designs to maximize kicking power.
  •     Vertical stabilizers on fin tips keep the fin tracking straight up and down with every kick.
  •     Wicked fin and buckle styling for a distinctive look that perfectly complements the Atomic VENOM mask and SV Series snorkel

The Four C’s: Capture - Contain - Channel - Control:

Atomic Aquatics BladeFins Capture water and Contain the flow without spilling it over the edges while Channeling the flow of water down the blade and off the vertical stabilizer edge tips, and Controlling the power with two frame structures (Monocoque and Frame Rail) to fully optimize the paddle fin design and kicking effort. 

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