Magnum Pro

Magnum Pro


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Part Number:SRB9350 Manufacturer: Sherwood

Magnum Pro


Elevate your diving experience with the Magnum Pro Regulator, delivering exceptional breathing performance attributed to its innovative Balanced Valve Body. The cornerstone of this regulator is the 9000 Series 1st Stage, a distinctive and patented design that incorporates Sherwood's revolutionary Air-Assisted Depth-Compensation (A2-DC) Technology. A2-DC adeptly adapts to shifts in ambient pressure, harnessing internal pneumatic force to adeptly compensate for chamber fluctuations. The outcome is a meticulously crafted, environmentally sealed, and dry 1st Stage, exhibiting remarkable responsiveness to external pressure changes. Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of diving technology with the Magnum Pro Regulator.



• Four LP Ports and Two HP Ports
• Environmentally Sealed and Dry. Minimal corrosion extends regulator performance
• Flow By Piston
• A2-DC Balanced Regulator



• Pneumatically balanced 2nd stage - The pneumatically balanced regulator ensures you get the same amount of air delivery whether you are at 3,000 psi or 500 psi, improving the diving experience.
• Venturi switch - The Venturi switch provides performance adjustments at the surface or at depth, providing a more stable regulator.
• Single valve tube construction - The single construction creates a precise channel for the valve to operate.
• Co-Molded mouthpiece - The large co-molded mouthpiece uses two different silicone compounds and colors to reduce jaw fatigue.

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