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Part Number:SRB9800 Manufacturer: Sherwood

Maximus Pro


Throughout the 80’s and 90’s one of the most popular regulators in the diving industry was the Sherwood Maximus Regulator. Today, the Maximus returns, but this is no dinosaur. This new Maximus is one of the most provocative and unique regulators on the market today. The Maximus brings with it the most recognizable and unique features that its predecessor carried: the Under Arm Swivel, the extended 42 inch hose, and the extremely comfortable Wisdom Mouthpiece. But this regulator also has several new features that make this regulator something very unique, such as a One-Touch Adjustment, a SMART Demand Lever, a High Performance Valve Design, and an oversized purge cover. These features deliver a beautifully designed regulator that provides the most comfortable diving experience a regulator can provide.

Upgraded in 2023 with the SR2 1st Stage, the Maximus Pro with the SR2 Valve Body Design is the pinnacle of performance and comfort. The SR2 1st Stage regulator is the only Flow Through Piston regulator that is both environmentally sealed and internally dry, and still offers a depth compensation mechanism. Sherwood's Three Pin Link (3PL) transfers the environmental pressure to the piston and provides consistent flow at any depth.



• Completely dry and environmentally sealed
• Five low pressure ports on a 360° swivel
• Two high pressure ports
• Two-piece piston for precise optimum balance and intermediate pressure control
• Three Pin Link (3PL)



• Seat Saving Floating Crown (SSFC) - Extends seat life while not in use
• One Touch Performance Adjustment
• Under Arm Hose Swivel with extended 42" Hose
• Free Parts for Life (Restrictions Apply)

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