Remora Octo

Remora Octo


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Part Number:SR8852-xx Manufacturer: San Diego Divers

Remora Octo


Where do I put my Octo? 

The answer to this question just got a whole lot easier with the Remora Octopus.

The Remora is not your conventional Octopus, and that is what makes it so unique. With the Mouthpiece “inline” with the housing and dual exhaust vents, the Remora design and functionality is one of a kind. There is simply nothing like it. The Remora also comes standard with its own Magnetic Octo Keeper for convenient BC connectivity.

• Streamline Octo, with inline mouthpiece
• Dual Exhaust Vents
• Hi –Vis Yellow 36” Hose
• Magnetic Octo Keeper (Also sold separately as Part No. AKC-13)

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