Triton Pro Fins

Triton Pro Fins


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While visually similar to the Triton model, the Triton Pro features a modified compound that enhances the stiffness of the fin, providing increased snap in the blade for enhanced power and responsiveness. Experience improved maneuverability with easier sculling and back kicking capabilities, thanks to the advanced design of the Triton Pro. Additionally, three strategically placed vents between the foot pocket and blade ensure optimal thrust on the down kick while reducing drag on the up kick or recovery phase. The stainless steel strap has been meticulously modified to offer more stretch for enhanced comfort and to accommodate a broader range of foot sizes, all without compromising stability in the heel.



• Three vents between the foot pocket and blade provide additional thrust on the down kick and decrease drag on the up kick or recovery.
• Foot pocket shape and size derived from years of research to satisfy the most exacting requirements for comfort and power.
• Stiffer compound in the Triton Pro provides more powerful kick than the softer counterpart





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